Butler, PA.





Our Cause, Reason, and Purposed Objective​

A-    A Brief “Brush up” on Civics

 The word “Civics” is by translation to its desired intent “the study of the Rights and Duties of Citizenship.”

 The Rights and Duties of the Citizens of this Nation (You) possessed thereby are founded upon the Constitution and the rule of a democratic Republic.

A democratic republic is a nation Ruled by the People. 

Your Rights are enumerated in your Bill of Rights, and various other Constitutional Amendments added such as the Fourteenth Amendment which states…

 “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” (Section 1) 

 These Rights and privileges possessed by the American people to Keep unto posterity to the generations to come is a Duty transferred to us from our American Heritage. 

Many have served and many have died for these Rights and Privileges. 

 Many Rights have been eroded from within our own communities and regions because we have failed in our Duties in using our Privileges such as electing whom we want elected so they DO what We elected them to do in accordance unto the Platform We elected them from. 

 The PCP USA provides the Platform from which both Party Campaign Promises are made by the PCP USA, and provides
an established political beachhead upon which a Candidate may make a stand. And the PCP USA takes it one step further…

We not only provide a Platform
upon which to regroup as a Nation, but provide the average income the ability to run for any office; and we provide the constituents of the County a choice in selection for determining which Candidate is most trusted to fulfill the Campaign Promises for that elected office.

Contained within our “2022 Candidates”, you will find the elected offices that are open, the political
function of each office, and the campaign promise of what the PCP USA intends to do entering therein through that office.



 A-    2022 Candidates

  We, it would appear, are exceptionally blessed with timing to launch our Party this year in 2022. The potential influence and reformation We the People of Pennsylvania are capable of is remarkable.

 In 2022 We the People possess the ability to take the reins to both the House of Representatives as well as the State Senate as well as the Governor’s seat. As a result thereof, We have the power to effect immediate change in statutes and laws. Though there are federal offices also open, our main focus and goal is the institution of PCP Candidates into the State House, the State Senate, and the Governor’s office.

 The Platform Promises of our Candidates are:

A-    Compose and initiate into legislation expungement of misdemeanors and summaries after 3 years.

B-    Compose and initiate into legislation the restoration of Second Amendment Rights after serving sentence of prison/parole for non-violent and non-sexual offenses.

C-    Compose and initiate retroactive renovations upon County Grand Juries to include and to focus on the ability to investigate Judicial corruption for impeachment proceedings.

D-    Enable, if so desired by Defendant, the ability to record or livestream court hearings. (If people witnessed how defunct from Constitutional integrity the Butler, PA. courts are they would vomit…)

E-     Restore the Constitutional power of the County Sheriff.

F-     Formulate a plan for the State to take over car insurance (that must currently be paid to private shareholders) for tax deductible purposes.





The Purpose of a District Magistrate

The purposed causes behind the creation of the office of District Magistrate may be aptly articulated by the proceeding two articulations thereof:

For the intended general welfare of the People within a distinct district (commonly called “Constituents” thereof); the office was therefore created to be an empowered judge by the wisdom of common sense, lest there be no arbitrator of Justice to whom a Constituent may plead their case, be it civil or be it criminal.

The concept of men or women who were selected to serve their fellow man, God, and Country has existed for thousands of years, as can be found in the recorded writings of a man named Moses (Exodus 18) and throughout the Old Testament, from Moses’ writings to Judges to the Books of Samuel.

Today, these men and women who were chosen by the People, and who swore by oath to uphold and protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, stand as elected Civil Authorities whose office is to be held to the highest accountable standards by the People. It is through their office that the People are both represented and protected by the Bill of Rights.

(Constitutionally, they are to be backed by the Executive Office of the County, which is the Sheriff, who by the power of the Constitution can deputize every prior service member at will, and has the Constitutional authority to confront and stand down state and/or federal agents if circumstances so imply to be his duty by oath of office. You want a good Sheriff too…)

Because the civil claims permitted by the law of the land are limited to a maximum of $12,000.00, the average magistrate generally (I would by no means say universally) seems to exercise some form of scrutiny over them.

But when it comes to the Constitution and common sense, I’ve seen magistrates let the police “stack” charges to place the accused on high bail in prison without discernment or common sense, only to drop all charges in the end; or blackmail them with incarceration to accept plea bargains and the costs associated therewith, and then release them only upon their agreement to pay for things they have never been found guilty of in accordance with the elements required by law!
When those who hold office are no longer held accountable to the People they were elected to be employed by, then the People who employed them shall find their benefactors become their beneficiaries.
When an individual has entered their “system,” they will perceive that their public defender sent them there, and the magistrate either concurred or turned a blind eye to keep the system fed.

The other Power attained by and retained for the District Magistrate by the supreme law of the land (the Constitution) is the authority and duty to set aside ALL CHARGES levied by the police that were not performed in a constitutional manner via procedural and substantive due process. What this means is this: The man or woman chosen to assume that seat of office within their district is the man or woman you would want to stand and defend you as if you were innocent until proven guilty, refuse to file charges if the action is in violation of Second Amendment Rights, and by conscious objective serve the community with a transparency policy, which provides both an effective clarification of facts and an accountability of office.


  • District 50-3-01: Brady Twp, Franklin Twp, Mercer Twp, Muddycreek Twp, Slippery Rock Twp, Worth Twp, Harrisville Boro, Portersville Boro, Prospect Boro, Slippery Rock Boro and West Liberty Boro.
  • District 50-3-04: Cranberry Twp and Seven Fields Boro. 
  • District 50-3-05: Butler City.
  • District 50-3-06: Adams Twp, Connoquenessing Twp, Forward Twp, Jackson Twp, Lancaster Twp, Callery Boro, Connoquenessing Boro, Evans City Boro, Harmony Boro, Mars Boro, Valencia Boro and Zelienople Boro..


The normal length to be in office is 6 years.

The duration of the Office per election cycle

The annual salary is $93,338.00.

Therefore, the gross pay over the 6 six-year term equals $560,028.00.


Contrary to what many believe, anyone with a desire to so do may become an elected Magistrate without ANY college education requirements.

They must however be…

  • 21 years of age
  • A resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • A resident of his/her magisterial district for a one-year period prior to the election
  • Certified by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts as successfully completing a training and education program administered by the Minor Judiciary Education Board, which is FREE.

The next certification training is scheduled for June 2-29, 2021. The training lasts approximately four weeks, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested in the training should contact the Minor Judiciary Education Board at 717-231-9515 or email


  1. Must be able to raise $1,300.00.

If an individual cannot acquire that nominal sum even from friends and family who want to see them in that Office because they trust them, why would anyone trust them?

2. Must show a Constitutional backbone enabling them to maintain under the discipline of the Constitution police authorities. At the same time, the Candidate must show an intelligence and ability to use wisdom and understanding whereby confidence in them might be established and retained by the People.

To show that both of these requirements seem to be lacking in our current magisterial courts, and to present a Candidate who is willing to address such concerns before the voters, we present a test to determine if that person qualifies to Campaign under our Cause:

Listed below are three links that will take you to a page that contains three real Court cases which are occurring or have occurred. To evaluate a Candidate’s intellect and thoughts thereon, after each actual Court case a short series of questions will be answered in a “Yes or No” fashion.

The Butler, Pa. PCP USA will not begin the campaign until after the primaries.

To learn more or obtain your campaign seat, contact Matt at:

Illustrate the ideology involving the magistrate stands between them and the police. By understanding the proper Constitutional position of a District Magistrate ‘ which is to stand between them and the charges filed by police. We need men and women of courage who are prepared and been praying for the opportune time to perform that God hath placed within their hearts.

  • The position pays more than $90,000.00 a year and is available to be acquired for a small amount.
  • There are four regional positions which may be acquired by men and/or women.