Candidate #13

Matthew P. Dec

The Founder and current CEO of this Movement has volunteered to be Candidate #13. 

Matthew P. Dec - Short Biography

    Matt was raised in Butler, Pa., and was the youngest son of two. The region in which they were raised was an excellent suburb providing parks and forests to roam, and the neighborhoods were safe and friendly.

   Often times they were raised by their grandparents as their father deserted them and their mother for another woman, for which cause their mother constantly worked to provide for them.

   His childhood was filled with happy days roaming the woods with his pit bull terriers or his black & tan coonhound. Armed with .22 semi-automatic, he became a very proficient shot with the thousands of rounds he bought with money he earned delivering newspapers.

   Being raised in Kathryn Kuhlman’s services she held every Sunday at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio, he was dedicated to God as an infant and was prophesied over to become a Preacher by her.


In elementary school, he did well scoring college level on achievement tests in 7th grade but was kicked out of school in 9th grade for marijuana possession. Having scored 87 on the ASVAB, his mother co-signed papers and he enlisted in the US Navy at age 17.

   He served for 2 years aboard the USS Nimitz in the weapons department where he was cross-trained in weapons movement, stretcher-bearer, and the security alert force. From the Navy, he was discharged as a result of the Self Referral Program for drugs and alcohol.

   The next several years were spent consuming large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, LSD, and alcohol. At age 21 he became a Christian and attended two different Bible colleges, but found that he studied harder on his own and left them.

   Although the Bible was his obsession, it was not until he read the book entitled “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill that his thought process towards success began to change. The reading of that book also inspired a deep desire to study various occult doctrines that led to successful conjuration and the appearance of a spirit. With this accomplishment achieved and having established within his mind the reality of both an upcoming Heaven and Hell, he reverted back to the Word of God and began the creation of the “Assemblies of A Standard Raised” and the “People’s Constitutional Party.”

   The reasons that each were created is as follows;

  1. Having attended multiple churches he could find none local that had the Anointing present whereby which the fruits and the POWER of the Holy Spirit were manifest.
  2. Having dealt with courts he realized that they were corrupt ( ie…, satanic-masonic). And, having contacted elected officials that were supposed to act as “checks and balances”, he discovered that they were as used toilet paper- worthless and in Breach of their Fiduciary Duties.

   For which cause, he decided to wage a one-man war against the reprobates currently destroying the morals and Constitutional integrity of this Nation.

   The contents of this site were all devised and written by him. 

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