Welcome to the PCP USA 13 Candidates of the 2024 Presidential Election.

  1. Matthew P. Dec
  2. To be filled
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Here on this page 13 Candidates for the Presidential Election of 2024 are currently being filled for the purpose of providing the American people with true choice of selection. 

 Here on this page We the People will have the unheard of opportunity to get to know the Candidates upon a basis never before seen within the History of our Nation. From now until July 2, 2024 (which is when there will be but One Candidate left remaining by popular vote), We the People shall be analyzing the Candidates’ positions upon a variety of subject matters as well their own personal critiquing of the current Biden Administration.

 Each Candidate has his/her own Page from which they shall be equipped with their own social media (how Trump won) page providing them with both a live stream capability for broadcasting speeches as well as a blog written content with which to convey their intellect as well as social standings.

 The selection process will begin January of 2024 with two (2) Candidates being removed from the race each month leaving but One Chosen to run against the “Republicrats.”

 The Founder and current CEO (Matthew P. Dec) of this Movement has elected to be Candidate #13.

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