Welcome to the People’s Constitutional Party of the United States of America.

The Vision of the PCP USA is to restore the constitutional integrity of this nation.

Together we can Restore immediately the Political and Judicial powers that be to We the People, and to enable the average income to run an effective campaign for any elected office if they believe they can perform the Duties required.

Click here to learn more about The PCP USA 13 Candidates of the 2024 Presidential Election

Every County Site CEO Position Across America Is Currently Open For Contract!

This undertaking has been strategically planned for decades; and now the fields are ripe for harvesting.

Statistically, 26% of Americans consider themselves Republican, 30% of Americans consider themselves Democrats, and 42% consider themselves Independent; desiring a more flavorful future than the traditional menu of yesterday.

The PCP USA offers something for Everyone.

Whether you are a concerned Parent and/or Grand Parent with the direction Society is heading; or Prior/Active service that retain their Oath and desire greater protection be given unto the Constitution; or whether a Felon that has served their punishment, and wants their Constitutional Rights restored; Wisdom unites All that are wise even as fools divide themselves.

Throughout this website, you will find links that will educate upon how the PCP USA can be a Blessing to You now and to your children in the generations to come.
Let’s make America better Today than it was Yesterday for the Best of Tomorrows.

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