The Most Explosive World Wide Political Ideology of the 21 Century!!!



As with the United States of America, (which has become politically corrupt upon an international scale as it is sexually perverted upon a national scale); many other nations of Peoples have apparently been brought under its demonic sway from the thefts of their prosperity to the anti-Christ celebrations of incest and sodomy imported into their streets. 

 Although there are many books written upon the subject matter, that which has been termed the “Deep State” is unquestionably a reality. To perceive the “Deep State” as the PCP International comprehends them to be, one must first understand what is meant by the “Deep State”, display the manifest fruits of their actual existence, and then provide a historical look at how they came to be…

1- The “Deep State” by definition may be described as a group of men and women, who upon having attained financial and/or political status, have treasonously attempted to infiltrate and control governments for the prosperity of their own private parties rather than the people of the nations collectively.

 The United States is rife therewith. From the Federal Reserve, to the military Industrial Complex, to the behind the scenes insider trading, to the deliberate installation of State and Federal judges whose Masonic duty is to malign the common Citizen’s Constitutional Rights, to the CIA that imports narcotics and acts as “enforcers” running their own international crime syndicate composed of politicians/financiers of various nations, to the prison industry that feeds itself off the people, to the civilian police forces which have become patterned after the “capos” who served the fascist regimes at their own countrymen’s blood expense, America has become the “Family Portrait” of “Deep State” corruption.

The EU through its policies unto its People has shown them when the chips are down who they will serve; and THAT is the policies of its own “Deep State”; and the People of each nation shall be stripped of all personal prosperity that they might repossess all that you as a nation once had. They call it the “Great Reset”, and “Agenda 21.”

 The PCP International believes that like in America, the “Deep State” control what you are told, and therefore control what you believe to be true. In America, this encroachment upon Freedom of the Press began with a CIA funded program entitled “Operation Mocking Bird,” which was created from the prototype created by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine. After WW2 all Nazi documents for strategic execution of plans were obtained via high ranking Nazis by the US government through “Operation Paperclip,” and an examination thereof will point to Nazi roots behind US government actions and murder of those that stood in their way.

 For time and space we are not going into the deep histories of these proven truths, but to point out some of the “Deep State’s Greatest Hits”;

1- JFK warned the CIA was becoming an international mafia and that they were controlling news stating that he was going to “reel them in” right before he was killed with a man named George Bush Sr. as Director of CIA. 

2- I’m gonna say it: 911 was an inside job and the United States “Deep State” killed thousands of Americans to create an excuse to go to war to fill the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex that feeds off of death.

 This is not a “jumbo jet” hitting the Pentagon and evaporating:

 And if you still think that was a jumbo jet, here’s a fairy tale for you to fall asleep to:  https://youtu.be/A_IZaUuK_d0

3- Although many believe the Clintons to be “masterminds” of American “Deep State” (because of the mass amount of political murders with all fingers pointing towards them,)  it was actually Bush who was behind the selections of them and Obama. Trump wasn’t one of them, and they turned on him and used the power of their “Deep State” implants to derail and drive him out. Since his removal and the implantation of Biden it’s been “back to business” for the reprobate “apes and pigs” as the Prophet Muhammad referred to them as; and suffrage for the world.

The “Deep State” has grown unimpeded because the people of the Nations have not been vigilant in overseeing the activities of their elected leaders. And, the manner in which “Deep State” controls (besides blackmail, death threats, and murder) is via media and money required to run a campaign. The PCP International removes these tactical tools and presents a level playing field for everybody! 

If You are a Citizen of a Nation other than the United States, and You would like to launch the PCP in Your Nation but desire more information, click Here.


The PCP of Mexico is the first international launch of the PCP International outside of the United States. The Founder and current CEO of the PCP USA, and Founder and current CEO of the Assemblies of a Standard Raised (the ASR) is also the creator and current CEO of the PCP Mexico.

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