Testimony of Matthew P. Dec

My grandmother and her sister (my Aunt Kay), knew Kathryn Kuhlman
personally from when she started having services at the Penn Theatre
in Butler, Pennsylvania. By the time I was born she was having
services at the Stambaugh Auditorium with David Verzilli as pastor,
and every Sunday morning we would drive from Butler, Pa. to
Youngstown, Ohio where my brother and I would greet our “Aunt
Marga-reet” (as we use to call her) as my grandmother and aunt were
friends with Margaret Hartner and Ruth Fisher too.

Perhaps because of the friendship between them, or perhaps God wanting
something known, when I was dedicated to God as an infant at the
Stambaugh Auditorium by Miss Kuhlman she prophesied that I was to be a

Because my father was “no good”, ( my Aunt Kay told me his own mother told my    grandparents not to let my mother marry him when she met him in the country of
Poland as he was a bastard child, and my grandfather was an unknown
Nazi SS soldier,) my mom divorced him and I never knew him or had a
father figure.

I ran with riff raff as a teen and got into drugs and alcohol that got
me kicked out of school in 9th grade. Because God gifted me with a
brain that scored college level in every academic subject in 7th grade
achievement tests, I had no problem scoring 87 on my ASVAB (military
induction test) and my mom signed me into the Navy when I turned 17. I
was stationed onboard the USS Nimitz and was cross trained in weapons
movement, security alert force, and stretcher bearer.

In the Navy I was an alcoholic reprobate. While in the Navy I met a
practicing satanist “Frank” who got me to enter a pentagram and chant
“Agla Tetragrammoton Vishnu Stimulaothon Encaress Sabbath Adonai
Baalzebul I call you Amen.” This was done from inside an upright
pentagram with one star pointing to the north with a white candle
outside the front of the circle with a purple candle behind, with a
three foot triangle 3 feet in front. (Although he told me it was an
incantation for astral projection, I learned later that that mumbo
jumbo was a conjuration to make a deal with the Devil.)

Me and that guy played with a ouija board as well as a spirit that
claimed to be “Alice Cooper” communicated thereby and claimed to be
the spirit of a witch that was executed in 12th century at age 27; and                                         when I saw her in a dream she had mid-length brown hair. According                                      unto “Frank” she was not a devil, but rather a demon, and there is a                              difference between the two. “Frank” had a spirit named “Beth” and a devil                           named “Ethan.”

I asked “Frank” what my devil’s name was and he suddenly went stiff
and started glaring at me with a maroon purple light within his
pupils. He then said, “I hate your f#$%@#$ guts…,” and he looked as
if he was prepared to attack me. Then he suddenly kind of like
convulsed and was himself again. I asked him what the deal was and he
told me that “Ethan” was jealous because I was picked by Baal-Zebul,
and that Baal-Zebul was present and was the one that stopped “Ethan.”
I asked him if that since “Ethan” spoke through him, and Baal-Zebul
was present, if I could speak to him through him.

“Frank” said, “I’ll try.”

He closed his eyes as if to meditate and they quickly opened with that
same tincture of color in the pupils and growled, “ I don’t want this
body! I want yours!”

“Frank” then began to writhe on the deck (as this happened aboard the
USS Nimitz) as if in agony claiming his insides were on fire, and that
Baal-Zebul was angry and was punishing him; for what to this day I’m
not sure.

There are a few other things such as the coven he was part of wanting
me to join via signing my name in blood within the Book of Shadows,
and that my name was to be “Spellbinder.” I was told I could have all
the women that I wanted and all the drugs I could do. He said most
porn models and many actresses attended rituals; and as far as
drugs…who did I think ran the drug trade? Jesus?

The last time we associated we had the ouija and I called “Alice” who
when questioned as pertaining her presence said “Yes.” I then asked
her if she liked Baal-Zebul and it said “No.” Then the planchette
starting circling quickly and flew off the board. Then “Frank”
collapsed again saying he was burning inside because Baal-Zebul was
angry. He avoided me after that and I was soon discharged at age 19.

I was doing a lot of cocaine, pot, LSD, and heavy alcohol consumption
upon reentering civilian society. One day I went to friend’s house who
got busted with 2 ounces of cocaine myself and another delivered to
him about an hour before he was raided. I was “tripping” on LSD that
day and the song “Ride On” by ACDC played “Got myself a one way
ticket, going the wrong way…”, when suddenly it clicked it my head
these guys weren’t kidding; all the actresses and actors and rock
stars that promote sin were the one’s that sold their souls to be the
Devil’s evangelists.

As I left there high on “acid”, I was cutting through a field when I
looked in the sky and (GOD AS MY WITNESS!!!) I saw Jesus Christ as
plain as a face on the street looking down at me. I turned my back on
Him and walked in the other direction which held black skies of a
storm moving in. (I saw Him once more in a dream with two angels that
drove away a giant demon thing after I was saved and was going to
commit suicide when I woke up by sticking a .30-06 in my mouth; but
that’s another story.)

That night when I went to sleep I “awoke” to lucidly rolling out of
bed onto the floor and writhing, and then got back into bed and went
back to sleep.

I awoke in the morning with a new perspective: At my grandmother’s
house she was singing “Amazing Grace” while she was washing dishes,
and my grandfather who was an alcoholic who hated Kathryn Kuhlman was
listening to the radio news; I thought to myself, “Well, she’s busy
with that and housework all the time so she ain’t saving noone, and
he’s still too captivated by Satan’s “three ring circus” to realize his
plight…”, and as I headed out to do drugs I saw my neighbor who was
an atheist washing his car and laughed to “myself” (there was someone
else in me), “It’s a beautiful day to scrub an idol!”

About three weeks later I didn’t win the lottery and began to threaten
the devil to become a preacher. So he told me (inside my mind) that I
got ripped off and the best thing that I could do was commit suicide;
did I not see Christ with my own eyes? did I not turn my back to Him?
my fate in Hell was certain, but the question was how severe would be
my eternal punishment? Truly, the best thing I could do was commit
suicide so that my daily sins did not increase my eternal sufferings.

That night I cut my wrist but the knife wasn’t sharp enough, so I ate
a bottle of sleeping pills and drank myself to sleep. But, obviously,
I didn’t die. Instead, I got as sick as a dog and puked all night.

The next morning I felt in dire condition both physically and
mentally. As I lay pondering my next move, my mom showed up and gave
me a book she said God told her to buy me. It was called “The Satan
Seller” written by Mike Warnke, and I read the entire book by that
late afternoon. As I was falling asleep thereafter I had a lucid dream
in my mind’s eye of being sucked into what I knew was Hell and a
horror that “saw” my soul in shock saying “NO! NO! NO!…”; at which
point I woke up rolled out of bed and asked God to forgive and for
Jesus Christ to cleanse me from my sin and grant me salvation. That
was the day that I got saved, and it was the day before my 21st
birthday. When I didn’t show up anywhere on my 21st birthday to drink
on the day I was legally allowed to, and instead told everybody that I
gave my life to Jesus Christ, people thought I did too many drugs and
went insane.

Then I went to Jimmy Swaggart Bible College where I spent most of my
time alone attempting to cultivate a personal relationship with God as
I once had with the devil. I was amazed at how flagrantly they did not
seek after spiritual knowledge and power in the face of an enemy I met
as previously described; and they looked at me like I was goofy for
fasting 1-4 days at a time. It was also there that the Angel of the
Lord spoke to me in my sleep saying, “Blessed art thou in the sight of
the Lord; for thou shalt have the gifts of healing and miracles.” This
happened TWICE that night in my sleep, but I kept it to myself.

My grandparents several weeks into the semester both died on the same
day and I left that place and returned home. Then I went to Greater
Works Outreach where I was doing much study and meditation and
fasting. Although it was there that I first realized the power of the
Anointing, I lost my temper (which was always a curse until I was set
free) in that place and literally cursed them saying, “I would rather
sell my soul to the @#$!%^ devil than be a bunch of lukewarm vomit like you

Then I went back to Swaggart’s. Then the Spirit began to tell me
something was amiss. Everyone I talked to about it said I was bearing
an unforgiving spirit because of his first fall, and I for the most
part went about through classes and church attendance with the feeling
of something amiss. One Sunday an utterance of tongues was given and
no-one gave the interpretation. I knew I had it but I didn’t want to
say anything as I had never been told to do something like this
before, but the longer the silence went on the more the Spirit
prompted. So I said it as best I could, “Thus saith the Lord…”, but
as soon as I said that Jimmy Swaggart jumped up and shouted, “That’s
not of God!”

I never gave the interpretation which had nothing to do with Jimmy
Swaggart personally. In fact, it was along the lines of that the
people keep praying for revival like unto Pentecost like unto when the
Lord drew 500 unto Himself; but He will only do that when a Church is
alive and awake in His Holy Spirit and working in His power. My
surmising is that Brother Swaggart, although he repented and was
forgiven, left a door of a soul tie open whereby which the unclean
spirit returned to harass him. Realizing he was being harassed and
there was something in him, when the Spirit spoke through me it scared
him, even though it wasn’t even about him. Before I left that place
the Spirit compelled me to write “Judgment is Coming” on the early
morning fog steamed windows of the sanctuary; and God gave me to

1- Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth…

2- Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a
woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and
thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to Babylon;
there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee from
the hand of thine enemies. ..

(The second one scared me because I knew I was being sent somewhere
for “training” that wasn’t with “church people.” In fact, the next 30
years were to become my “I spent 3 years in Arabia, and then presented
myself to the Brethren.”)

Right about that time I began to wonder if I was losing my mind. Then
I heard that Jimmy Swaggart was again “busted,” and a hurricane hit
that flooded the sanctuary. And as I sat there penniless, (as I gave
everything away to charity following the Lord’s commands,) with my
head in my hands; in my mind’s eye I saw the entire Universe become
God and return back into all. At the same time a voice came to my mind
saying that I made the Rapture and had a choice of either being the
Lamb or the Scapegoat – Christ or Lucifer.

I, believing that I made the Rapture, chose Lucifer who was “Christ
crucified” over being a “bond servant” in a church full of hypocrites;
being fully justified by the Grace that is in Christ, yet hid from the
vulgar via the willful negligence of reading the Word of God to the
salvation of their souls.

So what’s a soul that took that route to do? More drugs and alcohol
than ever with the study of witchcraft and the kingdom of Babylon’s
secrets thrown in. I engaged in interstate trafficking of cocaine for
a few years, and was arrested many times for from DUI to aggravated

(I know, what a Rapture…)

While in Babylon I came home drunk one night and went into my room to
go to sleep, when upon opening the door I saw someone standing looking
out my bedroom window. I turned on the lights but there was no-one
there. I went to sleep and heard “voodoo drums” and then got out of my
body and met a middle aged business man standing therein my room in a
grey suit with steely eyes. He said to me in a real matter of fact
tone of voice, “You know why you haven’t won the lottery yet? You
have yet to commit your soul to me.”

There was no fear, no sense of danger, it was like a business deal
that was being proffered under congenial circumstances. I simply said
“No” and was back in my body and I woke up. When I woke up though, I
could “sense” some serious evil.

I thought I was really doing good then! I was all puffed up inside!
After all, how many people does the devil come to in the night – not
to get them out of bed – but out of their bodies! And best yet, as
like David, I could say, “Thou hast proved my heart, thou hast visited
me in the night; thou hast tried me and shalt find nothing…Ps.17:3

Having “shut down the devil” I returned to my spiritual studies of
witchcraft and various black arts such as astral projection. A warning
about astral projection, when you leave your body chances are
something unclean is going to demand in because you opened the door.
Don’t do it.

But I will say this, I never stopped reading my Bible nor believing I
was secretly Christ’s.

I conjured the devil a second time to try to bully him into being my
slave using the same incantation, and immediately thereafter the
ritual a dead fly appeared in the white candle wax. The next morning a
large fly was in my coffee cup. About 7-8 days later I lay sleeping
when I “awoke in my sleep” and through my closed eyelids I saw an
orange ball of light appear to me and it spoke telepathically to me
saying, “And what shall I be? Your fu@## pet?” And I telepathically
said back to him, “No. But thou obey me as I am thy master in the Name
of Jesus Christ!”

Instantly it was gone with a “silent boom,” (for lack of words to
describe.) I awoke and I could sense some real anger.

At around that time was my first marriage and I worked construction. I
got into an incident with the state police and they were totally at
fault. They roughed me up, chained me to a chair, and emptied a can of
mace in my face saying, “Here is your equal %@#$& protection under the

I was enraged at the corruption and I conjured the devil again. This
time to be bound before God with the charge I was to lay upon him
before Heaven and Hell and all elements contained therein. I set forth
my cause before the Most High begging Him to enable me to be used to
restore justice politically and spiritually; for I was seething with
hatred for both the devil and the government he runs! From the book of
Timothy Paul stated that the devil takes his slaves captive at his
will; and this he does to vote for his vermin! I kid you not. Well, I
charged him in the Name of Jesus Christ to order those that belong to
him to turn upon this government, for the devil kills his own. Sounds
crazy don’t it?

Well, about 7-8 days later, I was sleeping when I became “conscious in
my sleep” and was standing in a black void. Then a man dressed in a
black suit with a white shirt and a red tie walked out of the void
unto me and laid his hand on my head and I felt a charge go through
me, and he said, “Try it now.” Upon seeing the three colors of alchemy
that to me represented the three levels of spiritual growth as is
referenced by the three courts of the Temple, I knew something good
happened. That was in 2011.

Since then I’ve lost everything, and even my wife cheated on me. I
tried to fix it, but when the “magic” is broken it’s gone.

But God gave me a vision immediately thereafter. And though the vision
of the ASR/PCP is born into this world, it is yet in its infant state
and its face has yet to be seen; the most important thing is the
spiritual knowledge I have acquired while in Babylon. I know from
personal observation of Satan’s kingdom and how it runs how to preach
to those lost therein reaching them with knowledge of witchcraft
those that stuck their noses in cannot deny.

The Spirit had me pen two books besides creating the ASR/PCP.

1- A Standard Raised: This book was written on the premise that the
average individual has not read the Bible about 80 times as I have.
(And I can assure you if the devil tries to make you a skeptic of that
claim, picture yourself on a ride such as I have described and tell me
how many times you would have read it over 30 years of demonology in
your face daily.) I am using this book to create a foundational
doctrine of Truth for this generation to bring fresh blood to what is
becoming a dying corpse.

2- Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult Part 1: In this
book I take the reader into the spiritual realm of the Word and the

Though I skipped many demonic experiences, suffice it to say that the
Spirit will enable you according unto your faith to whoop any witch or
devil. In fact, I’ve learned that that devil is more scared of my
belligerence in Christ towards him than he ever scared me.

I hope this testimony was a blessing and encouragement in Faith, and
this website that has divided the entire nation into all 3,147
counties will be looking for 3,147 Christian leaders to take over one
county each; and this can be a blessing for many.

Lest I waste your time explaining that which the site offers, I will
let the Spirit lead you. For at it is written, “He will gather
together His elect,” and again, “They that are of the Truth know the
Truth when spoken…”

 1-  Matt preaching on courthouse steps that you may discern via vision.

 2- Matt casting out a devil.

3- Tear left on girl’s flesh after devil left.


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