Written by Matthew P. Dec | May 8, 2023

I’d first and foremost like to make note that originally I had absolutely no idea of actually running for President of the United States of America. In fact, the idea seemed so preposterous as to not even have entered my mind when I created the PCP USA; and being a convicted felon for possession of cocaine approximately 30 years ago, I was not even aware that I was eligible until recently within the past few weeks.

At one time, I thought that a man or woman who desired to hold the highest office within the United States was required to be honest, of high moral repute, and intelligent. Well, Joe Biden just blew that illusion out of the water! If that man, according unto the White House speaker, is the most intelligent and gifted of communicators We the People have at the moment; it’s not ego, it’s common sense and practical discernment that tells me that I or one of the other 12 Candidates can do better!

You cannot convince me that Joe Biden is smarter than me, or rather I am dumber than Joe Biden. It cannot be done. The fact that hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to create a false advertisement to deceive the US people ought “wake” many people up.

(And no, I do not mean transform many normal persons into weirdos that put animal heads on top of theirs before going out to defecate in the streets looking for a same-sex mate to engage in anal penetration rituals therewith! I felt that in this day and age, I had to clarify that.)

Indeed, the homosexual-pedophile spirit of the Democrat Party is rearing its ugly head in many places it does not belong; particularly in schools and children’s daycare classes. Those mendicants went from back alley ding-dong yankers to straight-up in-your-face diaper snipers! When weirdos dressed in drag are gyrating and singing before daycare classes “The Dragon’s tail swings between its thighs going swish swish swish…”, enough is enough my fellow Americans.

We as a Nation are facing many other issues and dangers from both without and within, so many that I can not possibly list them as well as the remedies at this moment for time and space. But I will present the proceeding campaign promises if elected as Commander in Chief in protecting the Constitution written in stone.

My Campaign Promises

1. I will sign an Executive Order nullifying the unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968.

Via the very statements contained within the precedential opinion of the US Supreme Court’s decision in which Roe v. Wade was overturned is the un-Constitutionality of the Act found:

“The Court’s decisions have held that the Due Process Clause protects two categories of substantive rights—those Rights guaranteed by the first eight Amendments to the Constitution and those rights deemed fundamental that are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. In deciding whether a Right falls into either of these categories, the question is whether the Right is “deeply rooted in [our] history and tradition” and whether it is essential to this Nation’s “scheme of ordered liberty.” Timbs v. Indiana, 586 U. S. ___, ___ (internal quotation marks omitted). The term “liberty” alone provides little guidance. Thus, historical inquiries are essential whenever the Court is asked to recognize a new component of the “liberty” interest protected by the Due Process Clause. In interpreting what is meant by “liberty,” the Court must guard against the natural human tendency to confuse what the Fourteenth Amendment protects with the Court’s own ardent views about the liberty that Americans should enjoy…”

If one looks at the History of the Bill of Rights (which can be found on the PCP Felon’s Union link), it will be noted that the Second Amendment is an absolute substantive Right that has been “etched in stone” forever INVIOLATE!

Unlike the previous Presidents that bowed in fear to the CIA that killed Kennedy to subvert this land through authoritarian doctrines, drugs, and media deception; I will tear this fascist pig apart. (And I expect a good answer from federal judges why they did not strike down a treasonous Congress controlled by foreign powers’ illegal Act, or they will be very unhappy…)

2. I will sign into Law by Executive Order the automatic restoration of the Second Amendment Right for all felons who have completed prison and parole.

3. I will disband the ATF and create in its stead a division of Homeland Security to deal with 3 issues:

  1. A- Reformation of the manner of turning delinquent individuals into productive Citizens and the dismantling of the prison industry.
  2. B- A new form of border patrol.
  3. C- A new office of investigation pertaining to elected officials, military officials, police officials, intelligence agencies, as well as media and social media operators. This office will possess the power to bring any of the previously mentioned under UCMJ Codes and standards of prosecution.
  4. (I want to know why the CIA, FBI, NSA, NIS, ETC…, never knew of Epstein’s island as the “Lolita Express” ran non-stop under Trump’s watch.)

4. I will go after the FDA as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturers with a fine toothcomb.

5. I will pull the United States out of the United Nations.

6. I will pardon both Julian Assange as well as Edward Snowden.

7. I will reopen an investigation into 9/11.

8. I will engage in active pursuit of a working relationship with Russia and China.

9. I will sign an executive order bringing all elected officials who swear (or swore) an Oath to defend the Constitution under the United Code of Military Justice bringing their activities under the scrutiny and power of the men and women who serve in uniform within the Armed Forces. (The jackals of corruption are gonna howl.)

10. I will work with international intelligence to bring to light every nook and cranny of the Ukraine affair that is currently occurring, and if even HALF of what I believe to be the case is true, many people will be prosecuted both criminally as well as civilly and every penny accrued thereby unjustly shall be confiscated and returned unto the American taxpayer, and the “military-industrial complex” shall become a curse and a byword for generations to come.

11. I will audit the Federal Reserve.

12. I will audit Fort Knox.

13. As a Bonus! I will annihilate the influx of illegal aliens.

I am running on a platform that accuses the current US Government of mass internal (and external) corruption and I am going to eviscerate it! Hence, my campaign song to the jackals of corruption who I promise to bring down to the pit; to the men who served their time for their crime; to the women who lost their children to drugs, debauch, and/or corrupt courts; to patriots as I who are SICK of what we see to whom I swear my campaign promises; it’s time We crack the whip!

I am Matthew P. Dec, I wrote this, and I approve of it!

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