Upon this site (which has been created as a “Flag Ship” model for each County or Parish,) you will find every tool required to affiliate yourself within this Historic endeavor to overhaul the current political system that suffocates your Voice and Choice; and a first hand presentation of the opportunity offered at this moment to one person in Each county (or Parish) across the Nation.

 You will find here within this site the means whereby which We the People are enabled to place accountability upon Our elected officials; enact statutes that restore Freedom and Inviolate Rights; and create a transparency upon that which proceeds within Our local courts. 

 For far too long has the current political landscape been controlled by a two-headed beast that has divided the People rather than bringing them together under the unified consent of “…One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All”; and for far too long has this monopoly been held.

 Furthermore, the character of those who have been in office or that desire to run for office, has rarely been made manifest to the conscious minds of the voters prior to having been voted in. 

 This is a travesty. Verily, many men and women who were elected (had the voters knew what sort of character traits and political opinions were held by them) would never have been elected! Our solution is found at “Local Elections.”

  Beyond the election of officials, another apparent issue that needs brought to light is the conduct of the police and the courts. To say that Citizens are run through the system like sheep to be fleeced is an understatement! And to say that that many are blackmailed into plea bargains is the Truth. For this cause We have created “Court Watch” whereby which with anyone with a legitimate grievance may make known to the People what is being done to them. (A case is presently up for view.)

 The ASR, or, Assemblies of a Standard Raised, is a Christian denomination created by the Founder/CEO (Matthew P. Dec) of the People’s Constitutional Party. Its Doctrine is prescribed within the writings entitled “A Standard Raised” “Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult” found on its link and shall present a weekly video sermon.

 One person or group such as a Church – (members of the Freemason cult excluded) – shall be granted the opportunity to be CEO of their own ASR/PCP County site throughout the entire United States of America.

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