The Second PCP Nation of the World

The PCP of Mexico is the first international launch of the PCP International outside of the United States. The Founder and current CEO of the PCP USA, and Founder and current CEO of the Assemblies of a Standard Raised (the ASR) is also the creator and current CEO of the PCP Mexico. 

I, Matthew P. Dec, who has authored the PCP USA, while currently authoring the creative contents of this site created for the Nation of Mexico; has had brought to my attention that even as the USA has two major political parties that control the states, Mexico has four major parties that vie for the attentive commitment of the People. Although I am a Citizen of the United States, I hold no allegiance unto any political party nor person, but unto the Constitution of the United States of America for the sake of future generations of Americans to come; and hold in contempt all enemies thereto both foreign and domestic; holding that the CIA and Freemasons are at the core of the despotic rot of the US. I state this openly lest I be accused of working with or for the US government I consider to be rife with corruption to the core, and most pervasive enemy of the Constitution and People of the USA who with their pharmaceutical and prison industries (which thrive off of the arrests committed for possession of drugs the CIA itself imports) have destroyed the lives of tens of millions.

Nevertheless, it is the People of Mexico who both suffered under former forms of political powers and fought to free themselves therefrom as your History doth affirm; and it is the People of Mexico who when given a political weapon must have the courage to wield it. Also wisdom must ;be used as with all applications of all subject matters…

I have chosen the State of Sinaloa to launch this endeavor as a promise to a man I made friends with in the Butler County Prison of Butler,Pennsylvania who is from Sinaloa. I was arrested falsely and falsely accused of making statements I did not make by corrupt local officials who (among other things too numerous to mention at moment) gave a little boy to a pervert who falsified the child’s birth certificate though they knew thereof for I helped the young mother file papers in court; and Marco (*) who was arrested in Patterson, California, was there waiting sentencing on federal charges for two 20 lb. shipments of crystal meth that a coward and a traitor set him up to be arrested for. We met in a restrictive housing unit used as a punishment center within the prison being locked in a cell together for 23 hours a day including cuffs and shackles applied when we were taken anywhere outside it for several weeks. ( * See USA v. Hillebrand No. 2:21-cr-00355)
He was sentenced on November 12, 2023 to 13 years in federal prison and he went like a MAN. He did not cry nor turn like a Judas Iscariot upon those that trusted him, and I respect that. And in honor of him, for there are so few who have any honor left in them today here in the USA, I keep my word unto him and launch the PCP Mexico in Sinaloa.
Before he left the restrictive housing unit, he wrote on the wall: “God Bless Sinaloa, MX.” God Bless Sinaloa indeed, and God Bless Marco.

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